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Kay Kay Menon inaugrates the new concept restaurant "WOK123

October 20th, 2013


The very popular and versatile actor inaugurated the new gourmet concept restaurant WOK123 at Thane West today. WOK123 is a unique gourmet concept in India and it aims to target people who are particular about nutritious food. The store contains fresh and high quality ingredients sourced from around the world and that too at affordable rates.


Kay Kay Menon -

"I am very happy to inaugurate this new cook and carry concept to the masses and feel that this type of food will gradually become a trend."


Yash Dalwani Director of Efoodcourt -

Its a new concept in India...customers can decide the combination and its created fresh in front of them...healthy way of fast food...We are introducing this New Asian cuisine in India and will have 50 outlets in next 2 years.