About Us

Wok's the Idea!

Wok123.in brings to you a whole new platform of exciting Noodle and Rice assortments, yummy appetizers, special meals etc., united with a vast selection of fresh and healthy ingredients and concluded with some tongue-thrilling sauces and toppings!

Sounds electrifying, doesn't it? And it sure is!
In plain language, Wok123 is:

  • Fast & easy
  • Hygienic & healthy
  • Flexible and absolutely Slurp-o-licious!

Elements & Wealth

We prefer to call each creation a 'Wok-Star'!

Simply because, it's like Home at Wok123... and every customer is Family.
And for our Family, only the best of the ingredients go into that perfect creation of finger-licking delicacies!
Be it vegan (vegetarian) or meat (chicken/lamb/seafood), any element that goes into your selection is personally handpicked and absolutely fresh!
Needless to say, Health is Wealth!


Truly Yours!

At Wok123, you choose the ingredients that go into your rice/noodle base; choose your sauce and finally the toppings. In short, You imagine, We create!

And what's more satisfying than to know that you are really Good, when it comes to Food! And the best thing is that you will always relish a new Wok dish every time you eat at Wok123!

If you find it difficult to choose the combinations, we have our chef specials and pre-set meal options to pick from !


The Wok-ists

Only the Best!

Be thrilled like a 5 year old at the sight of the amazing wok skills of our specialists, while they work on your Wok special.

Check out their master abilities, their control over the contents as they move the wok effortlessly over the blazing flame! So make the best out of their proficiency and choose your elements liberally!